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AnthNav is an online resource designed to help you get familiar with the field of social/cultural anthropology.

Here we have curated a variety of links (to videos, graphics, websites, and more), within short informational paragraphs that you can navigate at your own speed.

… or continue on to explore the two main headings of ‘About Social/Cultural Anthropology‘ and ‘Practicing Social/Cultural Anthropology’.

About Social/Cultural Anthropology

Social anthropology is a lively and diverse academic discipline. This section aims to give you some of the background information you need to understand how it fits into a broader picture of academic teaching, research, and employment.

Anthropology is an academic field devoted to the study of human beings. It has four sub-disciplines. This online tool is focussed on one specific area called social anthropology.

Social anthropology has changed a lot throughout its history. Understanding how it developed over time, will help you get a good understanding of the focus and goals.

Anthropologists are often driven by a curiosity about people, an interest in deconstructing what others take for granted, and a desire to make the world safer for diverse ways of life.

Practicing Social/Cultural Anthropology

In a way, social anthropology is defined less by what we study, and more by how we study it. This section aims to help you get a feel for what makes an anthropological approach distinctive or unique.

We’ve broken it into three sections, about Thinking, Researching, and Communicating like a social anthropologist. In practice, these three aren’t separate at all, but rather we move in and out of all these activities when we ‘do’ social anthropology.

Social anthropology provides a specific lens on the world; a set of tools for seeing, understanding, and deconstructing complex human worlds. This section covers some of the major concepts that make up this this lens.

Social anthropology involves empirical research, and data-gathering, typically based in an ethnographic approach. This section covers some of the research methods and techniques that anthropologists use.

Social anthropologists tell stories about big and small aspects of human life. This section introduces you to some written, visual, sounded, and other methods that can be used to do this in clear and compelling ways.

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